CRDB Wakala


CRDB Bank through CRDB Wakalas network has offered employment opportunity for over 25,000 Tanzanians who have committed to offer banking services on behalf of CRDB Bank. CRDB invites any capable business person to join our efforts to provide banking services conveniently everywhere and earn a-far-best lucrative profits.

  • Leverage on CRDB Bank Brand by work with the Leading and Performing Financial Institution in Tanzania and East Africa at large.
  • Earn attractive commission by offer service to our Big Customer base country-wide.
  • Increase Customer Traffic into your original business since CRDB customers will visit your premise hence increase sales
  • Bring efficiency to your business on cash management as you will be serving CRDB Customers who withdrawal cash hence reduce cash risk.
  • Build Capacity through CRDB Banks Capacity building Free Training in areas of Entrepreneur, Banking services, Anti-Money Laundry and Combating Frauds.

  • A person must be a business individual or entity.
  • A person must have an existing, well-established and ongoing commercial activity or any other activity that has been lawfully operated and possess a current and valid business license.
  • A person must be operating at a permanent business premises with appropriate physical infrastructure, financial capability and human resources to be able to provide the services with high degree of efficiency and security.
  • A person/business must not have been classified as a non-performing borrower by any bank and/or financial institution and shall maintain the status for the duration of the agency agreement.
  • A person/business should not operate Agency Banking as its sole activity and must have a NIDA ID.
  • Must have a minimum working capital of Tzs 2 Million that shall be maintained during the agreement and Agency Application fee of Tzs 350,000 non-refundable once agent has been approved and sign agreement.

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