Junior Jumbo Account


Secure your child’s future.

This account is specifically for the parents or guardians who want to save for their children be it in school fees, medical treatment etc.

5 great features of our  Junior Jumbo Account

  • The freedom and flexibility of selecting the type of currency to save (TZS, USD, EUR, GBP)

  • Initial Opening Balance - TZS 20,000 | USD, EUR, GBP) 20

  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees  

  • Earns interest on deposits 

  • No Joint Account operation. Only one account is allowed per child. 

5 great reasons to open a Jumbo Junior Account

  • It builds up your saving habits for your child/children’s needs

  • You can set standing instructions to the account

  • No monthly maintenance fees  

  • Earns interest on deposits

  • You may be issued a TemboCard Visa / MasterCard which is not linked to an account

To open an account

  • Account is for children below 18 years  

  • Child’s birth Certificate

  • Two passport size photographs; one of a child and one of a parent/guardian

  • Parent/Guardian valid ID (NIDA ID, Voters ID, Passport, Driver’s licence, Zanzibar ID)


Customer (Parent/Guardian) can request for the account to be transferred to the child as a CRDB Scholar account or any other account the customer chooses. From this point onwards, the child will be in charge of the account.

No, the JUNIOR JUMBO account cannot be opened jointly.

Yes, JUNIOR JUMBO does offer interest, which is communicated by the treasury from time to time.

Customers can withdrawal through CRDB Branches; however, customers are limited to only four (4) withdrawals per year.

No, the JUNIOR JUMBO Account does not have operational fees(monthly fees, or withdrawal fees)

Yes, JUNIOR JUMBO customers can request for a statement, showing activities during the requested period of any time, the cost of which will be as per the approved CRDB Tariff guide.

Yes, JUNIOR JUMBO customers can set up standing instructions from their CRDB personal account to their child’s JUNIOR JUMBO account.

Yes, customers can set up standing instruction (SI) from another bank to the CRDB JUNIOR JUMBO account. However, the SI has to be set up by the other Bank.

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