Thamani Account


Deposit for extended tenure.

This is a fixed deposit account with extended tenure, where you invest funds for a period of 36 months and continue enjoying the interest which is paid monthly on selected savings or any other account.

7 great features of our Thamani Account

  • Can be opened and operated in TZS only
  • Minimum fixing amount: TZS 1,000,000
  • Maturity tenure is 36 months.
  • Fixed Interest Rate
  • Interest paid Monthly on a different account selected by the customer
  • Certificate of Deposit/Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) is issued
  • Premature withdrawal attracts a penalty on the interest earned (recovered from the deposit).

5 reasons to open a Thamani Account

  • High return investment - Competitive interest rates are offered
  • Opportunity to invest for a longer tenure
  • Ability to access interest income on a monthly basis before the maturity of the investment
  • Risk-free investment
  • Emergency loan of up to 90% of the deposits (lien)

Open an account, you must

  • Be a customer aged 18 years and above
  • Have a valid ID (NIDA ID, Voters ID, Passport, Driver’s licence, Zanzibar ID)


NO, THAMANI customers cannot get CRDB debit cards, since this account is not intended to facilitate transactions

NO, THAMANI customer cannot request for chequebook facility, since this account is not intended to facilitate transactions

YES, THAMANI customer has access to an emergency loan of up to 90% of the account balance

NO, THAMANI Account does not have access to Internet Banking facility

NO, THAMANI Account does not allow any set up of standing instructions whether to or from the account

YES, THAMANI Account can be cancelled at the customer’s request. However there maybe some penalties imposed to the earned interest

Like the principal amount, interest earned by the customer is credited into the customer’s current or saving account that initiated the THAMANI Account, at the maturity of the contract.

YES, THAMANI Account offers lucrative interest on deposits that is subject to review from time to time.

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