CRDB Wakala


CRDB Wakala is a bank-approved and well-trained business entity and/or individual, allowed to provide specific services on behalf of CRDB Bank as per Bank of Tanzania regulations & guidelines.

 We have  innovatively grown our network to provide financial services countrywide and became the first Bank to establish an agency service in Tanzania in 2013, which became known as "Fahari Huduma Wakala".

The CRDB Wakala network enables all Tanzanians who are customers and non-bank customers to access our financial services easily wherever they are.

Services that are available at CRDB Wakala 

  • Balance inquiries and generation of mini statement
  • Cash deposit to any CRDB Bank account, free of charge.
  • Cash withdrawal at any CRDB Wakala using our CRDB Bank cards and card-less options via SimBanking App or USSD by dialing *150*03#
  • Bill payment services for both CRDB customers and non-customers including the purchase of LUKU, airtime, water bills, air tickets, payment of TV subscriptions, and many more.
  • School fees payment
  • Loan repayments, retirement, and social benefits
  • Government payments via GePG and TRA tax payments by using Control Numbers
  • Facilitate instant account opening
  • Facilitate credit and debit cards application

CRDB Wakala network of agents enables unbanked, underbanked, and banked Tanzanians to access conveniently our Bank services and enjoy below benefits and beyond;

  • Save Time – agents services are queue-less and hence very fast
  • Save Cost – eliminates distances and makes it cheaper to access banking service
  • Available as close as at your doorstep, with 20,000 agents we have reached each corner of Tanzania
  • Extended banking service hours- CRDB Wakala operates ahead of branch closing hours and some available 24 Hours.
  • As our agents are happy to share knowledge of banking services and products with customers
  • Reduce cash risk for customers who wish to deposit before moving or traveling

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