Fahari Kilimo Current Account


A business account specifically designed for customers engaging in agri business related activities in rural communities under umbrellas of cooperatives, farmers associations, farmers groups.

  • The account accommodates all agri-related  activities – registered and unrequested ventures
  • The account  can be operated in local currency only – TZS
  • No Initial opening balance
  • Min Operating Balance TZS 3,000/=
  • Zero monthly maintenance fees
  • Account earns interest on deposit for amounts above TZS 200,000/=

  • The account can be operated by any registered businesses in agri-value chain ventures;
  • Affordable to open and operate;
  • Convenience of making and receiving payments using CRDB Card, SimBanking and internet banking;
  • Affordable operating balance with no charges;
  • Attractive interest rates on savings;
  • Access to the CRDB Bank credit facilities tailored for agri business ventures.

  • Signatories must be 18 years and above with NIDA ID/VEO/WEO Letter. (VEO/WEO Letter ONLY in the absence of NIDA ID)
  • Members are not required to have a CRDB account with exception of signatories
  • Group resolution/Minutes of members meeting authorizing the opening of account and operating mandates (At least 3 signatories) for Groups
  • Group constitution
  • Business/Group/Association certificate of registration, OR introductory letter from a relevant authority such as Employer or government official
  • When opening FAO Accounts – there is no need for customers to provide 2 Passport size pictures.

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