Bidii Account


Bidii Account is a business account tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), for individuals or registered groups or registered enterprises. With this account customers can make deposits, receive money, make payments, make withdrawals and set up standing orders.

  • The business account can be opened by individuals or any registered businesses;
  • Available in local currency (TZS) and international currencies (USD| GBP);
  • An Opening deposit of TZS 50,000  or FOREX 100;
  • Operating balance TZS 50,000 or FOREX 25;
  • Eligible for ATM cards and digital channels access – Simbaking and internet banking;
  • Access on digital channels SimBanking, Internet banking and online payments;
  • Customer get a cheque book upon request;

  • Accommodate multiple currencies;
  • Affordable opening and operating balance;
  • Access to CRDB treasury products and international payment facilities;
  • Deposit and withdrawal from your account  conveniently across the Bank’s network in Tanzania;
  • Withdrawal currency of any country you are visiting worldwide;
  • Access on digital channels SimBanking, Internet banking and online payments.

These are the requirements to open a Bidii Current Account;

  • For an individual
    • Two “2 x 2” passport photographs with white background
    • ID (NIDA, Voters Card or Passport)
    • Letter of identification from the employer or Ward Executive Officer or 2 referees who have a CRDB Bank account
    • Business license
    • Initial Deposit
  • Sole Proprietor 
    • Letter of application
    • Certificates of registration
    • Registrar's statement
    • Business license
    • TIN number certificates
    • Two “2 x 2” passport photographs with white background 
    • ID (NIDA, voter card or Passport)
    • Two referees with CRDB bank account
  • Companies
    • Letter of application
    • Board resolution to open the account
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Identification of Directors/Shareholders

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