Trade Financing


We have various types of trade finance products that cater to your business and personal needs. These include Traditional Trade Finance and Structured Trade Finance among other corporate services. We offer a number of guarantees including Bid, Performance, Payment, Custom Bond, Shipping Guarantees, Standby, and Advance Payment Guarantee.

The features of our Trade Finance division include:

  • Seller is assured of payments.
  • Buyer is assured of delivery of goods or services.
  • Payment is effected only upon performance.
  • Facilitates contractual agreements.
  • Suits customer requirements.
  • Offers financing to transaction of complex structure taking advantage of assets in the hand of a third party.

Please reach out to us directly for further assistance through any of the below numbers

  1. Gerald Kamugisha - +255757210980
  2. Stephen Matinya - +255713384886
  3. Dominick Timothy - +255769737376
  4. Richard Rweyunga - +255767738874
  5. Laura Joseph - +255763514988
  6. MaryStella Benedict - +255764980512

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