Financing Products


A Shariah Compliant Financing for acquiring assets/items for personal use by purchasing the assets/items required by customer from agreed suppliers and sell the same to customer on profit using Murabaha Contract.

  • Underlying Contract is Murabaha.
  • Assets/items must Shariah Compliant.
  • Finance of movable or immovable Asset/item
  • Finance for both, Salary Based Government related entities, and Private entities.
  • Tenor: up to seven years for government employees and up to five years for private entities employees.
  • Maximum grace period: 2 months
  • Offered to Salaried individuals

  • Shariah Compliant Financing.
  • Fulfil your needs or dreams.

  • Existence of registered business for not less than a year
  • Supportive cashflow
  • Adequate security coverage.
  • Open Account and pass the Salary through CRDB Al Barakah Banking.

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