CRDB Lipa Hapa


Any business should have CRDB Lipa Hapa, a service that provides a merchant / business regardless of the size or nature, with multiple means of Reliable & Secure Payment Acceptance Solution from its customers with card or mobile. It accepts card issued by any bank with Visa, Union Pay-UPI, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus Card (Plastic or Virtual), Mobile Money (Tigo-Pesa, MPESA, Airtel Money etc.) users or wallets users.

  • POS (Point of Sale)

Accept card payments by tapping customer card or a mobile phone; or dipping / swiping card on the POS


  • QR Code /Lipa Namba

Accept digital payment through Quick Response code (QR) or Lipa Namba from mobile phone (Banks and Mobile Money)


  • Online Payment Gateway

Accept online payments on your website or App securely from customers with Visa, Union Pay-UPI, American Express or MasterCard. The gateway is powered by CyberSource.

  • Payments are credited direct into your bank account
  • Maintain single bank account, and receive payments from multiple channels
  • Provides a reporting and outlets management portal
  • Convenient and flexible way of accepting payment
  • No more queues, no more counting of bills or giving change to customers
  • POS, QR Stickers & Stand, Configurations and marketing materials are provided for free
  • Less cash handling hence less risk from viral infection, theft and counterfeits
  • Accepts payment from all banks with that issuing Visa, Union Pay-UPI, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus Card
  • Accepts payment from all mobile network operators
  • Free trainings and dedicated relationship manager
  • Free on email tips about business
  • With Online Payment Gateway: Invoicing Service, Recurring transactions, Tokenization and Pay-by-link


Yes, all type of cards Visa, Union Pay-UPI, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus Card can be accepted when using our POS and Online Payment Gateway

Yes, Lipa Namba provides the capability of accepting payment from Mobile Network Operators and other banks too

No, a customer is not charged a fee. However, a customer will incur normal MNO charges when paying from Mobile Network Operators.

As a customer to retry the transaction since the last transaction shall be reversed to the customer account within a minute.

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