Financial Services


We are proud to be the pioneer of Financial Services in Tanzania specifically in Capital Market activities. Our experience in capital markets ranges from IPO management, bond registration, government securities, brokerage agency, sales agent and securities administration in order to safeguard your financial investments. We provide these services to both local and foreign investors including retail & corporate clients, Pension funds, fund managers, insurance companies and all other financial institution


Custodial Services

  • Custodial service we provide safe keeping of investors financial assets minimizing all risks that may occur resulting to loss; Through this our customers can invest across the east Africa region accessing all available opportunities in the Market at a safe hand.

Registrar-ship Services

  • We offer Registrar-ship services for clients who mobilize capital through the sale of corporate bonds or shares to the public. To perform this role smoothly, we have deployed state-of-the-art software that facilitates the running of these services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Government Securities

  • CRDB Bank was granted a license by the Bank of Tanzania (BOT) to buy and sell government securities for our own and customer accounts. Both in primary and secondary market, encouraging augmented liquidity in the market. We, therefore, invite our customers to utilize this opportunity with the bank in order to trade or invest in government securities by using our vast network of branches. 

Securities Brokerage Agency

  • We also enable our clients to trade in shares listed at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange directly through CRDB Bank at no extra cost other than authorized commission by the exchange thus enjoying several benefits notably, prompt trade settlements and added security of their holdings. 

Sales Agent

Customers can buy and sell units of Open-ended Schemes managed by UTT Assets and Management Services, this includes Umoja, Jikimu, Wekeza, Watoto, Liquid and Bond funds through our entire branch network.

  • Timely Settlement
  • Reasonably Fees
  • Client service structure
  • Long term experience in Capital Market Operations
  • Reputation within the industry and public perception
  • Understanding of the Local environment and regulations.
  • Direct connections with depositories
  • Financial stability and scope of services provided. (All services required by investors are available through CRDB)
  • Long-term relationship with all Pension funds.
  • Competitive Foreign Exchange
  • Excess liquidity
  • Clear Custody Agreements and SLA with our Clients
  • Reliable and Efficient Information Systems C2K

Requirements For Account opening

  • Open a CDS Account by filling in the forms in the link( DSE Forms)
  • Attach the copy of the ID ( Travelling Passport/Driving license/workers or student ID and Voters/National ID
  • Do the Payment through Brokers' Account and submit the forms to the Branch.

For further information, contact us or call +255 737 269090

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