Salary Advance


For when emergencies happen.

Need a quick loan until your next payday? We have a solution for you. Our Salary Advance Loan is an affordable option to get an instant loan of up to 50% of your salary through SimBanking.

6 reasons to choose our Salary Advance Loan

  • Quick loan up to TZS 1,000,000
  • Low interest rate of 5%
  • 30 days repayment period
  • There is no operating fee
  • You are available anytime through SimBanking

  • Easy process for account opening  

  • Facilitates timely salary processing  

  • Earns interest as an incentive to saving  

  • Issued with debit card on the spot (instantly)  

  • Convenience of accessing the account 24/7 through ATMs, SimBanking, Internet banking & Wakala.  

  • Access to salary advance or personal loan  

  • Free KAVA Assurance benefits (Self & Spouse): life insurance TZS 2 Mil and Accidental Total Permanent Disability (Account Holder) TZS 2 Mil

To apply, you need to be…

  • A government / private sector employee receiving salary through CRDB Bank
  • Registered on SimBanking

How to apply for Salary Advance Loan

  • Log in to the SimBanking App
  • Choose Quick Loans.


Dial * 150*03 # and select Salary Advance and proceed with the application process.


No, eligible customers must apply through the Simbanking Application.

The interest charge is collected on payday.

The maximum loan duration is one (1) month

Yes, early payment is allowed by manual payment through the Simbanking Application and USSD.

You can pay manually by using Simbanking Application/USSD by log in and select Salary Advance repayment.

Yes, by depositing money into your salary account then log into the Simbanking Application and command repayment.

Yes, the top-up is allowed, the minimum amount for each top-up is Tzs 50,000/=

You can borrow as many times as you wish if you have fully paid the existing loan.

Yes, as long as a customer can access the Simbanking Application.

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