Salary Account


Manage Your Salary Easily

It is a savings account designed to facilitate salary payments to employees of the government, institutions or private companies. Be empowered and easily manage your salary, pay bills and save.

Salary Account can now be applied through SimBanking App.

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5 great features of our Salary Account

  • Account can be opened and operated in TZS/USD

  • Initial opening balance is TZS 20,000 OR USD Equivalent

  • Earns interest on deposits

  • Eligible for TemboCard, SimBanking and Internet Banking services

  • Joint operation is not allowed

6 great reasons to open a Salary Account

  • Facilitates timely salary processing 

  • Earns interest as an incentive to saving  

  • Customer receives debit card instantly upon request  

  • Convenience of accessing the account 24/7 through ATMs, SimBanking, Internet banking & Wakala.  

  • Offers access to salary advance or personal loan  

  • Free KAVA Assurance benefits (Self & Spouse): life insurance TZS 2 Mil and Accidental Total Permanent Disability (Account Holder) TZS 2 Mil

To open an account:

  • You must be a salaried employee of any recognized and registered company, institution, or organisation aged 18 years and above

  • Must have a valid employee’s identity card and a letter of introduction from your employer

  • Bring two passport size photographs (For customer without NIDA ID/Number)

  • Have one valid ID (NIDA ID, Voters ID, Passport, Driver’s licence, Zanzibar ID)


No, SALARY ACCOUNT cannot be opened jointly

Yes, SALARY ACCOUNT customer is eligible for TemboCard Visa /MasterCard

No, SALARY ACCOUNT customer is not eligible for check-book facility

Yes, SALARY ACCOUNT customers have access to SIM Banking.

Customers can deposit through CRDB Branches, wakala, Sim Banking or through transfer from one account to another.

Customers can withdrawal through CRDB Branches, Wakala, and ATM

Yes, SALARY ACCOUNT customer is eligible for CRDB loan product such as salary advance, salaried workers loan, personal loan, or mortgage to mention a few.

Yes, SALARY ACCOUNT customers can set up standing instructions from their account to their other CRDB account or an external account. ∙ CRDB customers can set up standing instruction (SI) from another bank to CRDB SALARY ACCOUNT. However, the SI has to be set up by the other Bank.

No, there are no charges for setting standing instructions between CRDB accounts.

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