CRDB Bank to reward regular SimBanking users over half a billion shillings

By: | Blog | July 15, 2024 06:11

CRDB Bank has launched the "Benki ni SimBanking" promotion to increase Tanzanians' access to banking services while encouraging non-cash payments. The Bank's Group CEO and Managing Director, Abdulmajid Nsekela, inaugurated the ten-month promotional campaign at the Mbagala Zakheim grounds in Dar es Salaam. Speaking to hundreds of customers who flocked to the grounds, Mr Nsekela stated that he wants SimBanking usage to become a lifestyle of Tanzanians, noting that the platform provides easy access to payment services, money transfers, and other financial services.

"In addition to rewarding regular SimBanking users during the promotion period, our main goal is to ensure that all Tanzanians are onboarded to the service, which we believe will increase financial inclusion and eliminate the culture of making cash payments," Nsekela emphasized.

On his part Stephen Adili, the Bank's Head of Consumer Banking, revealed that rewards worth more than 565 million shillings would be given to customers who will open an account and make more transactions during the promotion period.

"The promotion will reward SimBanking users with more than 350 million in cash, 200 smartphones, and six cars (five Toyota Crown and one Toyota Vanguard)," he further explained.

The promotion comes after CRDB Bank significantly improved the SimBanking service, which contributed to an increase in digital transactions, with more than 86% of customer transactions performed digitally in the previous year.

With a new design and intuitive navigation, the new SimBanking app offers a seamless, simple, and instant digital application process to apply for a range of banking products, including digital account opening, loan applications, bill payments, and insurance payments.

SimBanking was first introduced in 2011, allowing CRDB Bank customers to access banking services at their proximity through their feature mobile phones. Over the years, SimBanking has become the market's most reliable mobile banking service and a household name for all mobile banking solutions.