More feedback from you online

By: | Blog | February 24, 2022 09:00

CRDB Bank has real-time capitalized on its digital platform to receive customer opinions in an easy way and work on them in order to improve and provide efficient banking services. The bank's digital platform to receive customer’s opinions by scanning a barcode was launched in April and had by yesterday some 700 pieces of feedbacks. 

CRDB Group CEO and Managing Director, Mr. Abdulmajid Nsekela, said that through the platform they received important feedback that will lead to further improve their service delivery methods for customers. “CRDB is guided by the motto: ‘the Bank that Listens.’ So the feedback we received is a huge asset to keep us making improvements in our services. “We always believe that someone who wishes you well will tell you when you are wrong but someone who does not wish you well will keep quiet and let you get lost and run away,” Mr. Nsekela said yesterday when launching the lender’s customers week. 

The CRDB Chief also asked customers to continue giving their opinions since the exercise is sustainable and those who have not yet given their views should not hesitate to give their opinions. “And even if you have already commented but there is still something you feel needs to be improved we are still ready to receive your feedback and act on it,” Mr. Nsekela said. CRBD is one of the leading banks and listed on Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange where its share was trading at 220/-yesterday. 

The bank said as the world is celebrating customer service week, customer service is a daily priority in ensuring that they provide the best possible experience to customers. “CRDB foundation of performance is to work as a team, that is a ‘Team Player’ and is in line with this year’s customer service motto “Dream Team”,” he said. The foundation of Team Player explains the importance of working together as a team to provide better customer service. 

CRDB Head of Customer Services Yolanda Uriyo said at the bank customers better service is a daily agenda though this week are joining others to celebrate the week. “This customer week we will be busy, like in other years, but will accompany more activities which aimed at thanking our customers and some of our front office staff who provide better service for our customers,” Ms Yolanda said. This year customer week motto is ‘The Power of Service” which emphasised for workers work as a team in providing better services. CDRB launched the customer week in Dar es Salaam at Mlimani City branch.