CRDB Marathon 2022

Venue: The Green (Oysterbay)

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Date: August 14, 2022 05:30


Dr. Mpango gave these compliments while handing over a check to the Jakaya Heart Institute and CCBRT Hospital shortly after the completion of the race which involved more than 6,200 runners.

He praised the decision of the CRDB Bank to continue supporting surgery for children with heart diseases, as well as a new idea to support access to safe reproductive services for mothers with high-risk pregnancies, he noted.

"Mother and child health is one of the areas that is given great priority in the Health Policy. I am relieved to see that this race is helping to strengthen this area by achieving access to medical care for children and mothers," he added.

Dr. The program said that the funds collected will help reduce the cost of heart surgery and maternity services for mothers with high-risk pregnancies that many people cannot afford and the Government will provide subsidies.

Dr. Mpango said the Government supports and is very happy with the creativity of patriotic institutions like CRDB Bank to support social sectors such as health, education, environment, and empowerment for youth and women.

"Along with the good agenda that you have implemented well during these three years, I would like to add another agenda to help children who are born prematurely, we call them njiti. In this country, statistics show that 200,000 children are born prematurely and among them 9,500 children die within one year," added Dr. The plan.

Various leaders accompanied the Vice President to participate in the race, including the retired President of the Fourth Phase, Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the United Republic, Honorable Mussa Azan Zungu, Deputy Minister of Culture, Arts, and Sports, Honorable Pauline Gekule, and Minister of Sports Zanzibar, Honorable Tabia Mwita Maulid.

On his part, the Executive Director of CRDB Bank, Abdulmajid Nsekela noted that this year's races have exceeded the goal of collecting 1 billion shillings, thanking the companies and institutions that came forward to cooperate with the bank, as well as the runners who came from inside and outside the country.

"Of all the Shs 1.05 billion funds raised in this third season of the CRDB Bank Marathon, 250 million shillings have been directed to JKCI, Shs 220 million have gone to the CCBRT Hospital, while the remaining funds have been directed to support the environmental campaign of Pendezesha Tanzania, and the Ngalawa resi Zanzibar to promote culture," said Nsekela.

Nsekela thanked the Executive Director of JKCI, Prof. Mohammed Janabi and the General Director of CCBRT Hospital, Brenda Msangi for their cooperation while stressing that the bank's slogan "Kasi Isambazayo Tabasamu" has been successful due to their sincere contribution.

In the race, about 60 participants who performed well have been able to win prizes with a total value of 100 million shillings. The prizes make the CRDB Bank Marathon the highest paying race in the country where the winners of the 42km for women and men have walked away with 10 million shillings each.

Announcing the results of the race, the Communications Director of CRDB Bank, Tully Mwambapa said that for the 42 kilometer section, Joseph Munywoki, a Kenyan citizen, has emerged as the leader with a time of 02:14:56, while Shoron Kosgei, a Kenyan citizen, has emerged as the winner in the women's category. spending time 02:33:56.

For the 21 kilometer race, the winner on the men's side was Samwel Mailu, a citizen of Tanzania, using a time of 01:02:04, on the women's side, the winner was Agnes Ngolo, a citizen of Tanzania, after using a time of 01:09:16.

In 10km, the winner on the men's side was Gabriel Geay, a Zambian citizen, with a time of 00:28:16, for women, Maysellina Issa, a Tanzanian citizen, took first place after spending a time of 00:33:52.

In the 65 km bicycle race, Richard Laizer, a citizen of Tanzania, emerged as the winner on the men's side with a time of 01:39:24, on the women's side, Julia Miringu, a citizen of Tanzania, emerged as the winner after spending a time of 01:45:11 .

Of the 6,200 participants who participated in the CRDB Bank Marathon this year, 79 percent are Tanzanians, international runners who participated are more than 1,300.

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