Our Group

This Bank was established in 1996 and listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) in June 2009.

For several years now, CRDB bank has achieved great operational success and become an important partner in the provision of financial services in the East African region. This success is due to our commitment to improved service offering which has made us a trustworthy partner in the East African region.

We operate two subsidiaries, CRDB Bank Burundi (S.A) and CRDB Insurance Brokers Limited. We are the largest bank in Tanzania with a robust network comprising approximately 254 branches, 558 ATMs, 18 Depository ATMs, 19 mobile branches, 22,400 agents and 3,838 Point of Sales (POS).

We provide a wide range of financial services to individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and corporations. We were the first in Tanzania to establish a Banking Services Agents Division in 2013, and till now we have 22,400 Agents (Fahari Huduma) centers. Our bank also offers services through the Internet and mobile phone service as well.


Our integrated business model is designed to address all the widespread needs covering all market segments by responding to the rapidly changing world.


As the leading banking, we are dedicated to creating products and giving services that have the clients’ needs in mind first. This ensures that our clients have peace of mind, stability and confidence as we support them with tailor-made, excellent solutions so they can perform at their peak best 

  • Capital Markets 

  • Insurance Brokerage Services 

  • Corporate Banking 

  • Business Banking 

  • Institutional Banking 

  • Consumer Banking 


At CRDB Bank, we subscribe to the doctrine of excellent customer service. All our efforts and dedication are employed towards attaining the most memorable experience for all our clients. Our corporate values are anchored in professionalism, responsiveness, accountability, commitment, team playing, innovation, courtesy, and efficiency.

We maintain an informal but productive environment that cherishes wisdom, nurtures intellect and celebrates talent. All ideas at CRDB Bank are considered valuable contributions and each employee is encouraged to share any innovative and inspiring ideas.

As has been our experience, an open environment brings out the best in our staff. We have an open door policy that enhances support, friendship and professional collaboration. There are no “walls” at CRDB bank, everyone is accessible from our most junior staff all the way through to our top management and CRDB Board of Directors

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